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We are open from Tuesday till Sunday from 8.00 till 14:30

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Our specialty coffee is an excellent award winning coffee roast, and we are very proud to present this coffee to you. For fine coffee lovers this place is like heaven on earth.

We serve Breakfast, lunch and homemade pastry's to make your visit complete.

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The story behind Blue zone espresso

As the nation who are the first to see the break of each new day, us Kiwi’s know there’s no better way to get things started than with a humble cup of coffee.

With more coffee roasters per person than anywhere else in the world, you could say New Zealand’s passion for the drink is a little eccentric.

Yet this healthy obsession has led us to craft our own unique style and unleash a new era of artisans and enthusiasts nationwide.

Since 1997, our roasters have taken great pride in selecting, roasting and providing Kiwi’s with premium coffee from world’s foremost regions. Drawing inspiration from the handful of areas around the world known as Blue Zones, famous for their healthy living and longevity in life, we aim to blend in a generous dash of our own active outdoor lifestyle and rich cafeĢ culture, to deliver a truly global, yet refreshingly local cup of Kiwi style coffee.


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burhan kabalar
16 dagen geleden

Dear all,
I hope this email finds you well.
I want to reserve a table:
Sat 17 Feb at 11 am - 4 people (1 baby with a stroller)
Please let me know, if it is works for you.
Burhan Kabalar

17 dagen geleden

10% in two days, easier than making yourself a cup of coffee!

Kristina Ruge
een maand geleden


I would like to reserve a table:

Sunday 11. Feburary 9:30 am- 5 Persons (1 Baby with a kidschair)

is it possible like that?

Best regards

Hilmi Alarda
een maand geleden

I trust this message finds you well. My name is Hilmi Alarda, and I have recently relocated to Haarlem. I am eager to join a cafe in the area and bring my skills as a proficient Barista and capable cook.

Please let me know if you require any additional information.

2 maanden geleden

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2 maanden geleden

Hoi , mijn naam is Loup. Ik zoek een baantje voor doordeweeks in de ochtend tot middag. Kan 5 dagen per week werken. Heb hiervoor bij restaurant moustique gewerkt en ook bij kayuca. Hopelijk hebben jullie nog mensen nodig want ik zou graag komen werken.

Katarzyna Steinbarth
2 maanden geleden

I would like to reserve 3 seats please for
31.12.23 - 10 am
Is this possible?
Met vriendelijke groet,

5 maanden geleden

never ever i had better coffee

Nadine Feitl
8 maanden geleden

Can I reserve two places for breakfast for Saturday? (8.7.23, 10:30 am)?